Vehicle Tracking System


Vehicle Tracking Services is the transfer of a vehicle’s location through a communication network to a data collection site. A GPS tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This network incorporates a range of satellites that use microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS devices to give information of location, vehicle speed, time and direction. So, a GPS tracking system can potentially give both real-time and historic navigation data on any kind of journey that allows effective trip planning. Powerful monitoring and reporting tools of tracking system results in higher levels of service and better customer satisfaction.
VTS is helpful to reduces and Simplify administration tasks for quick business decisions. It improves vehicle utilization by providing accurate reporting of Driver timesheets, delivery times and Loading/Unloading durations, Monitor Stoppages that helps to reduce unauthorized stoppages. VTS helps to create a better image to customer and Bring new business through visibility and accountability of vehicles.

How It Works

Vehicle Tracking System

The tracking device that is installed in vehicle collects GPS latitude/longitude locations. It then transmits this information via satellite or a cellular network, which in turn delivers the data to the -hosted application. The location data is then translated into user-friendly information that can be accessed by any computer with a connection to the Internet. When put in the right hands, this data becomes information that improves your value to the customer by enhancing the level of service provided.

Why Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System
Free from Fear of Theft

Immobilizer helps you to cut your engine during vehicle theft and save your car.

Vehicle Tracking System
Live tracking

It is helpful for accurate GPS based live tracking of your vehicle

Vehicle Tracking System
Mileage Calculation

Highly Accurate Distance Calculation to get accurate mileage readings

Vehicle Tracking System
Reduce insurance costs

Insurance company provide special discounts on vehicles that are equipped with GPS tracking systems

Vehicle Tracking System
Track without Power connection

Inbuilt Battery to track during mains power disconnection.

Vehicle Tracking System
Prevent Misuse

Monitor critical vehicle status e.g. opening & closing of doors, AC On/Off, Engine On/Off.

Vehicle Tracking System
Improves Communication

 It logs data of your vehicle’s arrival and departure time at specific places so there’s no need to call the office or the driver that the given task is done. 2-way voice communication is also possible with add on vehicle voice-kit.

Vehicle Tracking System
Improves driving habits

It gives all the details about the driving like over speeding, Rash driving, excess use of fuel which helps to improve driving habits.

Vehicle Tracking System
Better understanding of location

Mark ‘Areas’ and color coded ‘Places’ on the map with your customized address name for better understanding of vehicle location. E.g. Vehicle standing at “X’s School”

Benefits of our vehicle tracking system

Say no to cheap Chinese devices. We are the designer and producer of tracking device.
Track & monitor your vehicle on online street level maps employing multiple zoom levels.
Track of lunch hours, exposing unauthorized stops breaks and misuse of vehicle.
Superior/Best route planning.
Monitor driver behavior.
Monitor Over-speeding violations with timestamps and get real time alerts in SMS in case your vehicle OVERSPEEDS.
View comprehensive Trip History.
Get Temperature alert.
Save Money on Fuel/theft of fuel by managing record of fuel consumption per kilometer.
Offline Tracking via SMS in case of poor network coverage.
Increased vehicle security & driver safety.
Improves Employee Driving Habits.
Tracking increases productivity.
Tracking helps reduce your risk of loss.
Increase Revenue by proper utilization of vehicle.
Improves Customer Service.
Improve Supervision and Safety.
Increase the accuracy of your records.

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