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Governors are used to limit the top speed for vehicles, and for some classes of vehicle such devices are a legal requirement. They can more generally be used to limit the rotational speed of the internal combustion engine or protect the engine from damage due to excessive rotational speed. There are different types of speed governor available in the market including Electronic Fuel type speed governor, Motor controlled speed governor, Fly-by-wire speed governor and Pneumatic-type speed governor. All have different type of operation to control speed of vehicle and lock at the desired speed.

Types of Speed Governor

Traditional Speed Governor 

Electronic &Fuel type speed governor –

A servo motor is linked to the throttle and controlled by an electronic device that senses engine speed by counting electrical pulses emitted by the ignition system or a magnetic pickup. The frequency of these pulses varies directly with engine speed, allowing the control module to apply a proportional voltage to the servo to regulate engine speed. Due to their sensitivity and rapid response to speed changes, electronic governors are often fitted to engine-driven generators designed to power computer hardware, as the generator’s output frequency must be held within narrow limits to avoid malfunction.
In Fuel type speed governor, we control fuel flow from fuel tank to engine to control and lock vehicle at desired speed.

  Benefits of Electronic and Fuel type speed governor:

Micro-controller based design.
The product does not reduce fuel flow to engine and hence ensures full power to it.
Ease of installation.
Zero maintenance required.
Helps improve fuel economy by locking a vehicle at desired speed.
Increases engine life and reduces operating and maintenance costs.

High-End Advanced Speed Governor
  • Fly-By-Wire(features data logging with timestamp and overspeed alarm)

This type of governor directly communicates with vehicle ECU (Electronic Control Unit). It senses engine speed by counting electrical pulses emitted by the ignition system or a magnetic pickup. The frequency of these pulses varies directly with engine speed. When vehicle reaches at desired speed, governor starts controlling speed by communicating.

  • Pneumatic(features data logging with timestamp and overspeed alarm)

The governor mechanism detects air flow from the flywheel blower used to cool an air-cooled engine. The typical design includes an air vane mounted inside the engine’s blower housing and linked to the carburettor’s throttle shaft. A spring pulls the throttle open and, as the engine gains speed, increased air flow from the blower forces the vane back against the spring, partially closing the throttle. Eventually a point of equilibrium will be reached and the engine will run at a relatively constant speed.

Benefits of advanced speed governer
Speed Governor
Includes feature of electronic speed governor

It has all the features of traditional electronic speed governor with addition of below features.

Speed Governor
Advanced Microcontroller based Design

ARM-Core M3 MCU based design.

Speed Governor
Monitor Driver Behaviour

User can monitor driving behaviour of driver using generated reports.

Speed Governor
Comes with Windows Application

This governor comes with windows application which enables user to generate speed graphs and reports in pdf.

Speed Governor
Data Logging

This governor not only limits speed but also save speed records with data-time stamp. This will give user access to monitor and check at what speed vehicle was running at what day and time.

Speed Governor
Save and Retrieve Parameter & Data via USB

User can save parameter configuration and retrieve data from speed governor directly by plugging flash/pen drive to speed governor.

Speed Governor
Built-in Overspeed Alarm System

It also has alarm system which will raise when vehicle is about to reach its lock speed/ top speed at which vehicle is calibrated to run.

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  1. Commercial Vehicles
  2. School buses
  3. Other areas of Driver driven vehicles

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