An advanced embedded system in automobiles has increased rapidly in the past two decades. Every year automobile manufacturers pack embedded systems into their cars for different functionalities like ignition, security and audio systems. The technological innovations of the embedded system within the vehicle are being ambitiously challenged to make the vehicle energy efficient, network savvy and safer. In 1968, the Volkswagen used first embedded system in the automobile industry.


Automotive Solutions by Createabyte

Vehicle Tracking System

The vehicle tracking device that is installed in vehicle collects GPS latitude/longitude locations. It then transmits this information via satellite or a cellular network, which in turn delivers the data to the -hosted application. The location data is then translated into user-friendly information that can be accessed by any computer with a connection to the Internet. When put in the right hands, this data becomes information that improves your value to the customer by enhancing the level of service provided.
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GPS based Taxi/Auto Fare Meter

Createabyte provides a digital auto fare meter, designed with advanced micro-controller. It features facilitate convenience to both passenger & driver. It simultaneously displays the distance traveled along with the calculated current fare during the journey. It also displays the waiting time in minutes and updates the fare during the journey.
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Speed Governor/Limiter 

Governors are used to limit the top speed for vehicles, and for some classes of vehicle such devices are a legal requirement. They can more generally be used to limit the rotational speed of the internal combustion engine or protect the engine from damage due to excessive rotational speed. There are different types of speed governor available in the market including Electronic Fuel type speed governor, Motor controlled speed governor, Fly-by-wire speed governor and Pneumatic-type speed governor. All have different type of operation to control speed of vehicle and lock at the desired speed.
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Do you know what separates humans from other living beings?
Curiosity. Humans are curious. We question a lot. We are the ones who challenge the status quo of existing rules and strive to build / produce something better. Such curiosity & efforts have promised us a life where electronic devices & machines will probably become our best friend.
Yes, you read it correctly the vision to make machines smart enough to reduce human labour to almost nil. The idea of inter-connected devices where the devices are smart enough to share information with us, to cloud based applications and to each other (device to device).
Smart devices or “Connected devices” as commonly called as, are designed in such a way that they capture and utilize every bit of data which you share or use in everyday life. And these devices will use this data to interact with you on daily basis and complete tasks.
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We are here at Creatabyte is a single door to all your custom electronics query. We provide complete solution right from the beginning. The company is equipped with skilled professionals with technical expertise to design and develop the best quality printed circuit boards (PCBs). It has comprehensive design setup which can cater to design single, double and multilayer PCBs. We support SMDs, BGAs. Our experienced design staff and advanced design tools offer solutions for complex, high-density PCB design requirements. We customize and develop software in-house to improve quality and complement our design tools.
From a successful beginning, we have grown to become a key player in the area of design services. Our approach is characterized by our rigorous framework of processes and methodologies, which enables us to monitor and control key project parameters and specifications.
We won customer’s praise and trust relying on our professional and perfect skills, the golden rule of thinking from the customer’s standpoint, as well as the competitive quality vs. price, As our development, we held a group of experts respectively with many years of electronic design, PCB design, PCB training, PCB signal simulation analysis, PCB fabrication & PCB assembly process




With years of experience in hardware design, we delivery solutions optimized of power. Createabyte uses the latest tools and software techniques to achieve desired optimization in PCB design and engineering.


Power Optimization Techniques

following steps requires to achieve significant impact on power optimization:

  • Clock gating
  • Logic Factorization
  • Don’t Care Optimization
  • Path Balancing
  • Technology Mapping
  • State Encoding
  • Finite-State Machine Decomposition
  • Retiming

Circuit-level power optimizations

Many different techniques are used to reduce power consumption at the circuit level. Some of the main ones are:

  • Transistor sizing: adjusting the size of each gate or transistor for minimum power.
  • Voltage scaling: lower supply voltages use less power, but go slower.
  • Voltage islands: Different blocks can be run at different voltages, saving power. This design practice may require the use of level-shifters when two blocks with different supply voltages communicate with each other.
  • Variable VDD: The voltage for a single block can be varied during operation – high voltage (and high power) when the block needs to go fast, low voltage when slow operation is acceptable.
  • Multiple threshold voltages: Modern processes can build transistors with different thresholds. Power can be saved by using a mixture of CMOS transistors with two or more different threshold voltages. In the simplest form, there are two different thresholds available, common called High-Vt and Low-Vt, where Vt stands for threshold voltage. High threshold transistors are slower but leak less, and can be used in non-critical circuits.
  • Power gating: This technique uses high Vt sleep transistors which cut-off a circuit block when the block is not switching. The sleep transistor sizing is an important design parameter. This technique, also known as MTCMOS, or Multi-Threshold CMOS reduces stand-by or leakage power, and also enables Iddq testing.
  • Long-Channel transistors: Transistors of more than minimum length leak less, but are bigger and slower.
  • Stacking and parking states: Logic gates may leak differently during logically equivalent input states (say 10 on a NAND gate, as opposed to 01). State machines may have less leakage in certain states.
  • Logic styles: dynamic and static logic, for example, have different speed/power trade-offs.



Real-time systems are computer systems that monitor, respond to, or control an external environment. This environment is connected to the computer system through sensors, actuators, and other input-output interfaces. It may consist of physical or biological objects of any form and structure. Often humans are part of the connected external world, but a wide range of other natural and artificial objects, as well as animals, are also possible.
The computer system must meet various timing and other constraints that are imposed on it by the real-time behavior of the external world to which it is interfaced. Hence comes the name real time. Another name for many of these systems is reactive systems, because their primary purpose is to respond to or react to signals from their environment. A real-time computer system may be a component of a larger system in which it is embedded; reasonably, such a computer component is called an embedded system.


Applications and examples of real-time systems are ubiquitous and proliferating, appearing as part of our commercial, government, military, medical, educational, and cultural infrastructures. Included are

  • vehicle systems for automobiles, subways, aircraft, railways, and ships
  • traffic control for highways, airspace, railway tracks, and shipping lanes
  • process control for power plants, chemical plants, and consumer products such as soft drinks and beer
  • medical systems for radiation therapy, patient monitoring, and defibrillation
  • military uses such as firing weapons, tracking, and command and control
  • manufacturing systems with robots
  • telephone, radio, and satellite communications
  • computer games
  • multimedia systems that provide text, graphic, audio, and video interfaces
  • household systems for monitoring and controlling appliances
  • building managers that control such entities as heat, lights, doors, and elevators




The next step in the wireless revolution is the connection of everyday devices through wireless technology. Embedded wireless technology is expected to explode in the next decade, and touch nearly every market sector from personal electronics and medical devices, to the transportation infrastructure and manufacturing.
Next generation embedded wireless devices have unique requirements that dictate a holistic approach to their design. Their form factor, cost, and power consumption must be dramatically lower than existing cellular phones. The design of these devices requires a unique interdisciplinary background in systems, software, hardware and communication theory.
Createabyte in Wireless Embedded Systems offers variety of solutions.
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